Damon Dash has settled his legal battle with Cinemastreet Pictures, the Jasmine Brand reports. Both sides retracted their claims against each other and the case was closed Monday (December 28).

The entrepreneur sued the film company earlier this year for not complying to the agreed terms for its work on his Mixed Nutz film. Dash enlisted Dana Offenbach and her company to produce the film.

Although the two reportedly never met in person, they exchanged emails and phone calls to determine that Cinemastreet Pictures would create the budget and manage the day-to-day operations of the film. They decided on a $35,000 budget, which included payment to the production company. Part of the agreement was that Cinemastreet Pictures would retain the footage on hard drives that would be returned to Dash for editing.

Cinemastreet Pictures did not return the footage when asked and Dash sued. The company claimed that it was withholding the footage because the Rap mogul did not pay it for its work on another film, which Dash said was done voluntarily.

Offenbach countersued Dash for $8,000 she said was due for her work.

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