Shy Glizzy addresses the recent reports that his chain was snatched on a new song, “Cut It,” which is a remix of O.T. Genasis’ song of the same name.

On the track, Shy Glizzy addresses Big Mota and Dmuney’s claims that they stole the necklace because Glizzy wouldn’t do a feature for them.

“Boy how you want a feature and got no cheese?” the Washington, D.C. rapper says.



Shy Glizzy then shares his story of what happened when he visited Memphis.

“Chain hit the floor and broke boys had a fucking scrimmage / You say you a robber I’m saying, so why ain’t you go at my bands,” he raps.

He says he has the chain back, but won’t wear it anymore.



“Oh yeah and I got the chain / But I’m not wearing that shit / I can’t wear that shit after lames / I told my jeweler more carats and shit” he raps.

He also disses DJ Akademiks, who called the robbers “savages.” DJ Akademiks reposted Big Mota and Dmuney’s Instagram videos claiming they had the chain.

“I know every DJ but this pussy Akademiks,” Shy Glizzy raps.



Shy Glizzy addresses the $50,000 that Big Mota was asking for in exchange for the chain.

“They say they wanted a 50? / They must be talking to Mickey (Mouse) / A lot of the shit smelling fishy / Them niggas can’t come to my city,” he raps.

Listen to Shy Glizzy address the chain snatching on “Cut It” below:

This is allegedly video of the moment #shyglizzy jewelry was confiscated by Memphis savages….

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