The Game and Stitches have been going back-and-forth since the Miami rapper questioned The Game’s authenticity.

In a video published by, The Game recently was asked what he got Stitches for Christmas.

“You know what I’m gonna get him for Christmas? Some gauze pads and some alcohol,” the Compton, California rapper says as he puts shopping bags into a Rolls Royce.

Earlier this month, The Game’s manager punched Stitches outside a nightclub in Miami. The Game joked about Stitches’ mug shot where he had a busted lip.

“The same mouth this pussy talked about MY KIDS from got busted the fuck open now the stitches on ya mouth ain’t no fuckin tattoo,” The Game wrote on Instagram, referencing Stitches’ tattoos around his mouth.

Watch the video of The Game sharing his Christmas gift for Stitches below:

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