According to Rick Ross, his Black Market album has reached “classic” status in the streets.

As part of a promotional video, Miami rapper Rick Ross spoke briefly on his newly-released Black Market album while on the set of his “Peace Sign” music video. He dubbed the album “Grammy-worthy” and revealed that the streets have already made his latest project “a classic.”

“This is Grammy-worthy music,” Rick Ross said during an interview with WorldstarHipHop. “It’s for the Grammy people, ya dig? But for the streets, y’all already made it a classic. That’s what I do it for. I do it for the streets.”

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Prior to speaking on Black Market, the Maybach Music Group founder doted on his star power. He went on to call himself “a global sex icon,” “rap superstar,” and “megastar.”

“Young Renzel, the bitches want me globally, you heard me,” he said. “I’m a global sex icon, you dig? Not only a fuckin’ rap superstar, megastar. Fuckin’ mega. Not only that, only fat nigga with a two pack. Two pack. All I want is two. I don’t want all that shit going low. That shit corny. I want my belly, but I want two at the top, so niggas know…It’s about dreams. And if it’s not about dreams, it doesn’t impress me. Not at all.”

Video of Rick Ross calling Black Market a classic, can be found below.