Reason is working on his forthcoming project, The Free Album and recently released the single and video for “Better Days.”

Sitting down with HipHopDX Senior Features Writer Ural Garrett, the Cali rapper detailed his forthcoming work and says he was impressed with himself during the process of creating it.

“I worked [on it] with AD, Skeme, another local rapper named Kadar, Ryan Brown, a couple other features but it’s really, really dope and I tried to put a little bit of everything into the tape, singles and singles, so I was really impressed with myself and how it came out,” he said via a segment of today’s (December 9) DX Daily.

Reason also detailed his relationship with Skeme and says their work together started as friendship.

“Skeme I met through a mutual friend and to be honest Skeme is just a cool dude,” he said. “He kept it real since the beginning and never ever said anything he wasn’t going to do. We were in the studio kind of vibing out and came out with a dope record.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment below: