Rick Ross again commented on his seemingly never-ending feud with 50 Cent during a recent appearance on HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning.

“I’ma be honest, man, to me that’s dead,” Rick Ross says. “That whole situation is dead in all aspects. People been saying that [they’re coming to see me for] a long time about Renzel. It’s talk. Stop. Don’t even play yourself. Don’t even play your listeners. Don’t play yourself. Stop.”

Back in early November, in response to a string of mocking posts by 50 Cent, Rick Ross took to Instagram to reveal that the rapper’s son had applied for an internship at Ross’ label, Maybach Music Group.

“@50cent your son applied to be a intern at @untouchablemmg and it Will be processed,” Rozay wrote on Instagram. “As you well know I got 40 cars/200 acres and a mower w/ his name on it. #ImWhatYouUsedToBe #BLACKMARKET Dec.4”

In response to the conceivably disrespectful post, 50 Cent said: “That wasn’t a good idea. When I get back you got say this to my face girl. I’m a make it easy I’ll come wherever you at bitch now see if puffy or anyone can help you now. No more to say see you soon.”

Addressing the backlash from the aforementioned post, Rick Ross says that if it is indeed a physical confrontation 50 wants, he knows where to find him. In addition, the MMG frontman says that he meant his Instagram post about the rapper’s son’s internship and insists that the application will be processed.

“You know where I’m at,” Rick Ross says. “I mean if that’s the answer you want. I gotta state this: this situation is dead. It’s beneath me on a lot of levels. I made that statement on IG and I meant it. It was the truth and I’m still processing the application. And if you ever wanna see Rozay you can book me. I come to your Momma house. I bring Wingstop, too. So for the twentieth time, I never entertain that. You should never entertain that. Rozay ain’t nobody you wanna just come see.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Rick Ross spoke on why there are no MMG rappers featured on his forthcoming, eighth studio album, Black Market.

“It’s because we’re actually in the middle of recording Self Made Vol. 4,” he said. “That we gon’ really make big and really make special and it’s really gon’ be built around the chemistry of all the artists that’s on the team.”

Rick Ross’ interview with HOT 97 can be viewed below:

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