During Redman’s interview with The Breakfast Club this week, after Charlamagne Tha God shared his belief that Redman is one of the most underrated rappers of all time, the New Jersey rapper was asked why he feels that might be the case.

According to the lyricist, it was the lack of radio play and his personable nature, which he considers easy-going and “reachable,” that could be to blame. Red also revealed that he never felt any pressure to be commercial during his time signed to Def Jam Records.

“I think I never really surfaced at that level of having a single on the radio 80 times a day,” Redman said. “I think that’s why. A little bit. It was maybe like 20 times a day. It wasn’t 80. But I don’t know. It’s how—I guess cause I’m such a regular guy. And people respect me as being that dude that’s so easy to meet and talk to. When you’re easy going they don’t look at you at that level. They look at you as reachable. Exactly. So, if I was walking around with a gang of bodyguards and shit then they’d be like ‘Oh yeah, man, he’s at that level. He can’t be touched.’ But that ain’t me…When I was on Def Jam, they had artists up there that was going commercial and having the big records. Dudes like Red & Mef and Ghostface Killah, we brought balance.”

Later in the interview, Redman was asked if being in a group with Method Man hindered his career at all.

“It didn’t hurt not one bit because we understood that we could come together and get money,” he said. “And then we could separate and still have a business, a very profitable business together and separate. You know, Meth my young brother. We understood that we saw other groups that broke up and how they broke up. And know their money issues. And we promised ourselves we were gonna avoid that. And a couple of things to avoid that is not having egos. And supporting each other even in our roughest hour…When he’s winning, I’m winning. When I’m winning, he’s winning. And then we’re able to separate that and still do shows.”

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