The topic of Chief Keef is often controversial. With the increase in violence in Chicago over the last few years and Rhymefest’s recent comments about Keef being exploited, it’s hard to asses the situation.

Recently sitting down with FilmOn Music A&R Grant Zimmerman, the guy who also worked Keef’s Bang 3 project, HipHopDX Editor-In-Chief Justin Hunte asked about the possibility of him being exploited.

“Ain’t nobody exploiting Chief Keef,” he said via a segment of today’s (November 5) DX Daily. “Chief Keef happens to be a real talented dude and people are engaged in what he does. Not just they’re engaged in what he does with social media, even beyond that he’s super talented and that’s why people are drawn to him. I don’t think any of that negative talk about him has any relevance.”

Zimmerman also reiterated Chief Keef’s worth as an artist.

“The fans loved the battle, the fans love the music when it came to Bang 3,” he explained. “So everything I be touching is dope regardless of all that extra shit.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment below: