AZ has been laying low over the past few years and hasn’t released much in the way of music.

Recently though, he dropped a song called “Back to Myself” featuring Soshy in preparation of his forthcoming Doe Or Die 2 album. Baby Paul, the producer of the track told HipHopDX in an exclusive statement how great it was for he and AZ to be working together again and what’s next.

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“It has been an honor to continue making great records over the years with my Grammy family, AZ,” he wrote. “I was inspired by the Eminem song featuring Sia, ‘Guts Over Fear’ (Em’ happens to mention AZ in 1 of his verses) and asked my friend the talented Soshy (artist/songwriter for Timbaland, Nelly Furtado) to write something inspirational that would reflect longevity and perseverance in a cynical music business.”

Baby Paul also explained how the track is reflective of both himself and the Brooklyn rapper.

“#BTM is a testament to both of our careers–him as a respected lyricist, me as a credible producer having been making Hip Hop records since the early 90’s,” he said. “The song speaks for itself!!”

Listen to the track here.