Kanye West launched his 2020 presidential campaign earlier this year and until then, it looks like he’s decided who he’s supporting for President in 2016.

According to Buzzfeed, the Chicago-based producer/rapper has put his money up for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. While it’s currently unknown how much ‘Ye contributed to Clinton’s bid for the White House, he’s not the first celebrity to back her. Matt Damon, Jessica Alba and Tom Hanks have also chosen to contribute to Clinton’s campaign.

Kanye West also isn’t the only one in Hip Hop to throw his support behind Hillary Clinton. Ja Rule recently said he would vote for her. Jay Z has also been mingling with Clinton’s camp. Her campaign spent $15,000 at Jay’s 40/40 Club on catering, food and beverages last month.

It’s also notable that if Secretary of State Clinton does win the presidency in 2016, it would rid Kanye West’s chances of making a run in 2020 as she would be the presumed Democratic nominee.

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