Jerry Heller, the former manager of N.W.A, recently revealed his belief that Suge Knight “unquestionably put the hit out” on Tupac Shakur.

“He absolutely did,” Jerry Heller says during an interview with SMASHD. “Unquestionably put the hit on him. Pulled Tupac in front of him, that’s how he got the glass in his head. You don’t think the cops could have solved this if they wanted to? I think Suge got what he deserved. Looks to me like he’s in jail for at least the foreseeable future.”

Tupac was shot September 7, 1996 in Las Vegas. He died on September 13.

Suge Knight is facing murder charges for a fatal hit-and-run in January that occurred near the set of Straight Outta Compton.

Jerry Heller also spoke on the possibility that Eazy-E contracted AIDS via acupuncture. Last month, former Ruthless Records rapper Frost made headlines after he put forth the viewpoint during an interview for the upcoming documentary, For The Record: The Story of Latinos in Hip Hop.

“At the end [in 1995], he did go for acupuncture,” Heller reveals. “One of his assistants, she took him to a Korean acupuncturist in Burbank—I don’t know for sure, but I think so. My doctor in Beverly Hills—I had gone to him for 30 years—he examined Eazy, and Eazy was not HIV positive in July of 1994. So, that sort of makes sense to me. It doesn’t always show up when the doctor does the test. I’ve heard of that happening.

“It doesn’t make any sense, right,” Heller later adds. “But I know Suge had something to do with it, just like he had to do with Tupac, and just like he did with Biggie. Because that’s the kind of snake he is.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Jerry Heller spoke on being wrong regarding his decision to prevent Eazy-E from killing Suge Knight, something he previously spoke about earlier this year. Heller says had he let Eazy-E kill Knight, the rapper would likely still be alive today.

“Eazy said, ‘Suge Knight’s going to be a problem. I’m going to kill him,’” Heller says. “I said: ‘Let me just think this through, we have six employees, we’re doing $10 million a month, and you want to kill this guy Suge Knight because you think he’s going to be a problem? I don’t know, maybe I’m just not a wartime consigliere, but it don’t make no sense to me.’ The truth was, I should have let Eazy kill him. It’s not like anyone would have investigated it. Who do they put him in jail with? The guy that killed Tupac? Or the guy that killed Biggie? Or the guy that killed Eazy? Do they share a cell, or what? I should have let him do it. And probably, Eazy would still be around, and Ruthless would still be making great records.”

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