Although Queens, New York rapper 50 Cent has feuded with quite a number of his fellow artists in the span of his music career, he recently revealed that the only real beef he’s ever been involved in was with “gangsters.”

While speaking with DJ Drama of Shade 45 last month, 50 explained that he’s beefed with the likes of Jimmy Henchman and Kenneth McGriff, not Ja Rule and The Game.

During the interview, the G-Unit helmsman stated that he understands why Jimmy Henchman was “so angry” following the assault on his son, which he says wasn’t at the hands of Tony Yayo.

“These guys are not rappers. These gangsters, the guys that I ended up having beef with,” 50 Cent said. “Not Ja, Preme [Kenneth ‘Supreme’ McGriff]. Not Game, Jimmy [Henchman]. You see what I’m saying? So, it’s like in these cases, I kinda identify why he was so angry. With his kid, with the little boy. His boy got slapped in the face. [Just] like that. But it wasn’t Yay. Yay didn’t never slap that boy.”

50 Cent also offered his thoughts on the past feud between Meek Mill and Drake. He questioned why the beef between the two rappers didn’t continue as a lyrical battle.

The rapper late addressed Meek uploading a video to Instagram of him shoving Tony Yayo into the bushes.

AR-AB, I haven’t had a conversation with him,” he said when asked if he’s considered signing AR-AB. “I never really spoke to him like that. I did look at them going back and forth. I think it was brilliant for Drake to add AR-AB to his record. To do that because I don’t know what Meek was thinking when he mentioned him onstage. Because prior to that I felt like it was a Hip Hop competition. And then as soon as that happened I said ‘Oh, it just got street.’ Now it’s because—Even if it’s not Meek and it’s not AR-AB, it’s the supporting cast that tells you it’s something else. I felt like that was a mistake because you already had—It was a competitive rap situation. Why wouldn’t you just continue to rap…I think that’s from Yayo voicing his opinion during that Drake thing. Cause he posted something about Meek. Like ‘You finished.’”

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