Roughly a week after Meek Mill fired back at Cassidy with a diss record of his own, titled “Repo,” a former associate of Cassidy’s has come forward to speak on the song. On “Repo,” Meek Mill references Philly rapper Ar-Ab with this particular line: “And your goons ain’t riding witcha, they all mad/Cause you ain’t never put no food up in AR abs.”

While it has been reported that that particular line from Meek was a jab at Ar-Ab, in a video posted on his YouTube page Ar-Ab revealed that he has no problem with Meek.

“He was talking about me man,” said Ar-Ab in regards to his mention on “Repo.” “I caught a body and I ain’t get nothing from it. A lot of nigga’s on Twitter saying ‘Damn Ab, go at Meek.’ Why? I can’t go at Meek. That’s my homie. He never did nothing to me. He always looked out for me. He put me on the songs.”

Later in the interview, the Philly emcee shared that he served two years for Cassidy and never received a single dollar from the rapper during or after his sentence.

“I don’t have no problem with Cass either. I just got off the phone with Cass. You know what I’m saying? Cass asked me to get involved in that actually,” Ar-Ab explained. “I told Cass, ‘I fought a homicide for you and I ain’t get shit from it.’ Like plain and simple, I’m broke. I came home broke. Two years, Cass never sent me a dollar. You feel what I’m saying? For the whole body, he never did gave me shit. Meek was telling the truth. So it’s like ‘God damn, why should I jump out the window and go at Meek Mill when he a real nigga? He got some real niggas around him.’”

In the nearly 45-minute long video, Ar-Ab further speaks on Cassidy and his peculiar relationship with the rapper.

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