One of the most bizarre feuds in Hip Hop was revisited this week when Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper Mac Miller appeared on “Larry King Now.” According to, during his appearance on the show, Miller was asked about his past feud with current presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Despite offering praise for Miller in 2011, and referring to the musician as “the new Eminem,” later down the line, Trump would go on to feud with Miller on Twitter over the “Donald Trump” record he once praised.

While speaking on his brief, social media spat with Trump, Miller revealed that he’d be willing to have a sit down with the businessman, but likely won’t vote for him.

“At first [Trump] was like ‘yeah!’ But then he was threatening to sue me. He went on a Twitter rant,” Mac Miller said, according to “He kept calling me ‘Little Mac Miller’ which is awesome. Then I realized: Who does Donald Trump beef with? It’s like me and Obama…I don’t judge or act like I know anyone, especially in celebrity culture. I’m big on this. You can’t pretend that you know someone if you’ve never met them. I’d definitely be down to having a conversation with him. Will I vote for him? I don’t think so, but I have nothing against him at all.”

Miller also spoke on his upcoming album, GO:OD AM, and his recent switch to Warner Bros. He described the album, as “a breath of fresh air,” and revealed that it was time to make the move to a major label.

“I think for me, I wanted the album to feel like a breath of fresh air,” he said. “A lot of the music I’ve done recently was a little darker and sad. Depressing, if you will. And I wanted this album to kind of be a departure from that…I wouldn’t use the term ‘uplifting.’ Maybe just more confident and just positive…I like to think I kept all of my independence. I’m blessed to have built a foundation on my own. But I think it was just time.”

Mac Miller’s GO:OD AM album is scheduled for release on September 18.

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