Rappers and acting have always been married but nowadays it’s even more hand in hand.

Recently sitting down with HipHopDX, A$AP Rocky, who played a role in the film Dope, recently talked about the movie and says it will gain more viewership once it hits streaming services.

“I think it was a good movie, it was a cool movie,” he said via a segment of today’s (August 24) DX Daily. “I think it’s one of those movies that once it hits Netflix and stuff people are really going to appreciate it and whatnot. No matter how you see it people should watch it.”

The Harlem native also says people in general need to lighten up more and that this movie does that for them.

“It’s fun. It’s funny,” he said. “Motherfuckers don’t know how to have fun no more, man. Why so serious? Why so serious? Sometimes it’s okay to have fun. I know gangsters who like to have fun, man. They smile every now and then. Got to get some sunshine in your life.”

Watch the full DX Daily below:

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