Dr. Dre and Ice Cube have filed a demurrer in Suge Knight’s hit and run case that resulted in the death of Terry Carter and injury of Cle “Bone” Sloan, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The N.W.A members are named in the wrongful death and negligence lawsuit filed by Carter’s widow, but are saying they should not be held liable for Knight’s actions. Instead, they are saying that they requested Knight’s removal from the set of Straight Outta Compton the day the hit and run occurred. The documents say common sense can not require “tolerating the presence of a dangerous and violent criminal with a grudge.”

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“These allegations plainly demonstrate that allowing Suge to remain at the base camp posed a serious risk that Suge could have injured someone at the camp — including Dr. Dre, Bone or one of the numerous cast and crew working on the film,” the court documents read. “Certainly, the risk that Suge might leave the base camp and proceed to his fatal confrontation with Carter was no more foreseeable than the possibility that Suge would injure or kill someone else if he had been permitted to stay.”

The hit and run occurred at a fast food parking lot a few miles away from the movie set. Knight allegedly visited the site because he was unhappy with his depiction in the film and said that he was not asked permission to include his likeness.

Knight and Dr. Dre have been feuding since the rapper-producer left Death Row Records in 1996.

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