Prior to last week’s release of the N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, singer Michel’le spoke with Vlad TV about the film. She revealed that she had not seen the film yet, but did hear that she wasn’t portrayed in the movie.

In regards to not being featured in the film, Michel’le stated that she was “happy” about not being in Straight Outta Compton, and questioned where her role would have fit in.

“I haven’t,” Michel’le said when asked if she had seen Straight Outta Compton. “I didn’t even want to get the script, but I heard I wasn’t in it. I was told that, which I’m really happy about. No, that’s Cube’s version of his life. Yeah, but why would Dre put me in it? I mean, cause if they start from where they start from, I was just a quiet girlfriend who got beat up and told to ‘Sit down and shut up’… My part has no value to probably what they really want to talk about. Unless they want to talk.”

Michel’le did reveal that she “absolutely” has plans to see the film.

Later in the interview, the songstress was asked about Dr. Dre’s relationship with their son. She says the two are currently on good terms with one another, and have even worked together in the studio.

“Yeah, they do now,” she said when asked if Dr. Dre and their son speak. “My mom died and Dre came to his aid. So, I’m grateful. My son wants to score music and my daughter sings like a bird. And they love each other to death…They [Dr. Dre and son] go in the studio and do stuff. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

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