N.B.S. have been in the Hip Hop game 15 years deep and have put together a respectable catalog for those desiring truth in their music.

Recently sitting down with HipHopDX Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte, the Boston duo described their most recent Trapped In America album and how it reflects current day struggle in the African-American community.

“We’ve been recording it for a lot of years and music is timeless,” Flash said via a segment of today’s (July 31) DX Daily. “All the stuff that’s happening in the world today it really feels like this is the place it needed to come out. It needed to be so we’re very excited for it.” Knuckles added that they consider themselves activists both through community activities and music: “We’ve always been for the community and activists and teachers as well to the youth. Like he said it’s timeless but it dropped at the right time. There’s a lot of ignorance going on with the police, police brutality, racial profiling and it hasn’t stopped and this has a lot to do with that and a lot to do with being better as a people and a country.”

Also during the interview N.B.S. were asked who won between Drake and Meek Mill in regards to their most recent beef developments. The duo agreed that the Toronto native came away victorious however they acknowledged that they two are different types of Hip Hop artists.

Watch the full DX Daily segment below: