During his performance as part of “The Pinkprint Tour” at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York yesterday (July 26), Meek Mill calls Drake’s response “soft,” referring to to Drake’s “Charged Up” diss song toward him.

“I heard that shit and it was very soft,” Meek Mill says in a video posted yesterday. “Baby lotion soft.”

The Maybach Music Group rapper appeared on stage as part of Nicki Minaj’s “The Pinkprint Tour.” A fan video caught the rapper speaking out on the recent war of words between Drake and him.

“We ain’t gonna focus too much energy on that, but I’ma let you know when it come to this rap shit, Biggie and Tupac had to die to become the motherfuckin’ greatest,” Meek Mill says.

Meek Mill was reacting to Drake’s release of the track “Charged Up.” The track was released Saturday (July 25) in response to Meek Mill’s claims that Drake employs ghostwriters to compose his lyrics.

“All ya’ll stare in my face in hopes you could be the replacement,” Drake raps on the track. “[Niggas] is snitchin’ on us without no interrogation / I stay silent ‘cause we at war and I’m very patient.”

Drake dropped the verse in retaliation to Meek Mill’s tweets, which include claims that’s Drake did not write the verse he rapped on Meek Mill’s track “R.I.C.O.”

“Stop comparing drake to me too…. He don’t write his own raps!” Meek Mill says in two separate tweets from last week. “That’s why he ain’t tweet my album because we found out…He ain’t even write that verse on my album and if I woulda knew I woulda took it off my album….. I don’t trick my fans! Lol.”

Meek Mill’s next performance is scheduled to be in Drake’s hometown of Toronto, Canada on tomorrow (July 28).

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