Producer Easy Mo Bee says that along with the six tracks he produced on Notorious B.I.G’s album Ready to Die and two songs that he did on Life After Death, there are at least four more tracks that he worked on with Biggie that the public hasn’t heard.

“There’s a bunch of unreleased stuff that never saw the light of day, too on Biggie,” Easy Mo Bee says to VladTV. “Maybe one day we’ll get to hear that stuff.”

Along with some remixes and original versions of Biggie’s tracks, there is a song that never came out.

“I don’t know where this went, man, it’s gotta be in the vaults on tape somewhere, a joint called, ‘Money, Clothes and Hoes,’ just never released,” he says.

Easy Mo Bee also says he was always amazed at how Biggie never wrote down his lyrics. Jay Z is known for recording in a similar fashion. But the producer says a member of Rappin’ is Fundamental rhymed from memory “long before Biggie.”

“AB Money, he had been doing that,” Easey Mo Bee says. “I just, I could never understand that, people that are able to store that amount of information up in their mind without even transcribing. It’s an incredible thing.”

The producer reflects on the 1990s and wishes that today’s music scene would learn a lesson from that period.

“It was a great time for music,” he says. “One of the things I appreciate about that period the most is the diversity, the ability for you to almost go boutique-shopping for music. It was a situation where in terms of styles and textures, you could say, ‘I want a little bit of this. I want a little bit of that. I want a little bit of that.’ There was a lot of things going on. We could only wish that that same type of diversity existed right now. Matter of fact, I totally encourage everybody to not just ride trends and go with your heart. Do what your insides are telling you to do ’cause that right there will definitely contribute to the diversity, which we need right now.”