This week, British singer Rita Ora phoned into Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning” to speak on her role in the film Southpaw, her upcoming album, and more.

In regards to her role in Southpaw, Rita revealed that she plays a crackhead in the Antoine Fuqua-directed film, which also stars 50 Cent, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Forest Whitaker. She went on to explain that playing the role of a drug addict took her out of her comfort zone.

“I play this crackhead, whorebag,” Rita Ora said. “And it’s like it’s really funny. It’s a really—It’s a very out of my comfort zone role. So, it’s pretty good…I play basically a drug addict. And I have two kids…I speak in an American accent…The soundtrack is amazing. Antoine Fuqua is truly so talented. And I think that once you watch this movie—It’s very emotional. Get a box of tissues ready. Cause it’s an extremely emotional rollercoaster.”

After speaking on her role in Southpaw, Rita offered a handful of details on her upcoming album. The songstress declared that the project will be “all about pussy power” and double standards present among men and women.

“Yeah, it’s basically all about pussy power,” she said. “It really is. And it’s just really about what—How we get judged for the things that we do. And how men—I know it’s part of society, but the thing is I think we can still stick together as females. And also, I feel like at the moment females have never been closer. Pop stars, specifically. It’s an exciting time for females in this industry.”

Southpaw will be released in theaters tomorrow, July 24.

Rita Ora’s interview with Hot 97 can be found below.

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