Big Sean himself catapulted onto the Hip Hop scene just a few years ago under the wing of Kanye West and now, even younger rappers are starting to look up to him as a source of inspiration.

Recently speaking to HipHopDX Senior Features Writer Ural Garrett, K Camp says he has recorded with Sean and is going to be doing more of it in the future.

“I got a record with Big Sean, [it’s] probably in the stash, we ain’t releasing it,” he explained during a segment of today’s (July 20) DX Daily. “I went to his crib, we recorded a record and I tried [to get him on] my album but I think he’s recording his so [it’s bad timing]. We going to get it in though. That’s the homie.”

The “Cut Her Off” rapper also detailed some advice the Detroit native gave him and some other statements of motivation.

“I was at Big Sean’s crib,” he remembered. “He lives somewhere in the hills and we was on the balcony and he was telling us when we first moved to L.A. and he was recording at a hotel from his balcony. He could see it from his balcony. That alone is motivation. You was in L.A. in a raggedy ass hotel and now you in the hills looking at your whole city. That right there can make me go.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment below:

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