While “thinkin out loud” on Twitter over the weekend, Cleveland, Ohio lyricist Kid Cudi revealed his vision for creating a musical supergroup consisting of artists he respects and admires. He declared that they would be “the gnarliest group of musical anarchist in the history of music.”

According to Cudi, the supergroup would release an album and also tour together.

“I had a vision the other day of forming a super group w other like minded forward thinking artists I respect and admire. Make an album/tour…We will be the gnarliest group of musical anarchist in the history of music. Saving the world from the weak shit. As a team,” Kid Cudi tweeted on July 17.

After revealing his ideas for a supergroup, Cudi went on to state that he was “just thinkin out loud,” but did hint at the group being a possibility.

“Just thinkin out loud…who knowsssss,” he tweeted.

Kid Cudi is currently preparing for the release of his next studio album, Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven. In a tweet sent earlier this month, the rapper revealed that the album will be released “really really soon.”

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