Complex Magazine has placed Entourage castmates Kid Cudi and Jeremy Piven on the cover of its June/July 2015 issue.

In the upcoming Entourage movie, Cudi plays Piven’s character’s (Ari Gold) assistant.

Within the Complex Q&A cover story, titled All The Right Moves, Piven and Cudi talk about their roles in the Entourage movie, Hollywood and the lessons they’ve learned thus far in their careers.

Since Cudi isn’t used to taking orders off-camera, he says playing Gold’s assistant in the film “was exciting.”

“I would never be an assistant, let alone for someone as powerful as Ari Gold,” he says. “But being someone else for a little bit, exploring someone else’s world? I might not have done it in my own life, but I thought it was interesting for the character to develop something. Even though he may not have had a lot on the page. And thank God for Jeremy, who matched me on that. He could’ve improv’d some shit. Most people see Kid Cudi the all-powerful on stage, the mighty ‘I Answer To No One’ Cudi.

“It’s just cool to play this little, timid character,” he added.

Piven says that although Cudi isn’t in a bunch of scenes, he portrays his character very well on camera.

“Cudi doesn’t have endless amounts of screen time, but he makes it all count,”Piven says. “You can see a dimensional character. You see him taking the punishment, and punishing himself. Most actors wouldn’t have taken it there. I thought it was cool. ”

Check out the cover story here and cover below:


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