Kid Cudi is slated to appear in the upcoming film based on the HBO television series Entourage, according to Deadline

Cudi is set to play Ari Gold’s assistant in the motion picture, according to the report.

“You know from the series that Ari Gold’s long-suffering assistant Lloyd has moved up to rep,” Deadline says in its report. “So Ari has found a new assistant, and that role will be played by Scott Mescudi, who is better known in hip-hop circles as Kid Cudi.”

Kid Cudi, who Tweeted a link to this Deadline report, is scheduled to appear in Need For Speed, an upcoming film that stars Aaron Paul. He also has reportedly finished filming for James White and Two Night Stand

Cudi is not the first rapper tied to Entourage. Saigon was a cast member of the television program. At one point, the show’s music director Scott Vener said he wanted Jeezy to be a part of the show. “I remember pitching Young Jeezy,” Vener said in 2011. “We were talking to him about being on the show,” Vener added. “But Def Jam was concerned that he might not show up to set every time we wanted him to be there, because he kind of did his own thing. We went with Saigon out of consideration of all the mutual friends involved.”  

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