Commemorating what would have been Eazy-E’s (Eric Wright) 41st birthday and the 10th anniversary of his untimely death, Capitol/Priority Records will release Eazy-E- Eternal E: Gangsta Memorial Edition. The CD/DVD package includes 16 Eazy-E songs, seven music videos and the previously unreleased song “A Lil’ Eazier Said,” from the rapper’s 21 year-old son, Lil E.

He started the whole gangster rap era,Lil E said in a statement. “There wouldn’t be nothing—not Tupac, not Biggie, not 50 Cent, not Dr. Dre, not Eminem— if it wasn’t for my father. He started it. He’s the Godfather of gangster rap.

The DVD also includes three Rap-It-Up Public Service Announcements in support of AIDS awareness, the disease that ended the rapper’s life in 1995. Born on September 7, 1964, Eazy-E was a founding member of one of Hip Hop’s most celebrated groups, NWA. He launched his label, Ruthless Records in the 80s and helped propel NWA into the limelight through his unique vision and passion for music.

His influence is still felt throughout Hip Hop via groups like Bad Boy’s Boyz N Da Hood (who got the name from his hit single). Currently, he can be heard on the track, “Gangstas” off of BNDH’s self-titled debut. Eazy-E-Eternal E: Gangsta Memorial Edition will be available Sept. 6.