Beef seems to be the theme for 2005, with 50 Cent leading the pack. With the re-issue of The Massacre forthcoming, 50 has taken beef to a new level with the video version of “Piggy Bank.”

According to an article, the animated video begins with 50 defeating Fat Joe, and Jadakiss (seen dressed as a Ninja Turtle, complete with pizza in hand) in a boxing match.

In other parts of the video, 50’s newest nemesis and label mate The Game is depicted as Mr. Potato Head, clad in a “wanksta” head band, while Cassidy is shown with a pink hat and matching sweatshirt that reads “I’m A Hustler.”

And in a move that could further ignite the 50/Nas battle, God’s Son is shown clad in a Super Man like outfit and is seen chasing a milk shake truck. Nas recently responded to Piggy Bank with a song titled “MC Burial.”

The re-release of The Massacre will feature videos for all of the album’s tracks as well as the remix of ”Outta Control featuring G-Unit’s newest members, Mobb Deep. The re-release of The Massacre will hit record store shelves September 6.