Murs has adopted two children who have greatly affected his life.

Last year, just before Thanksgiving, he had to return his teenage son to the foster care system. He says the social worker was not completely honest with his wife, Kate, and him throughout the process.

“He got adopted once and sent back,” Murs says to Urblife. “They painted a negative picture of that family. When we reached out to that family, they experience the same negative poor behavior that we were experiencing. If we were allowed to talk to them prior, if their full paperwork was in his dossier then we would have known not to adopt this kid. They hide that because the social workers think that they are doing the kid a favor by not telling the whole truth so that someone adopts them, but they put my wife in danger because I travel. If I would have known he was violent and things of that nature I would not have left my wife alone with this child.”

To adopt their older son, Murs says he and his wife searched through multiple states and had to file documents that weren’t even read.

“The foster care system in America and adoption agencies, it’s a shit show,” he says. “I think the people that do care are overworked and underpaid, and they get moved around a lot, which is bad for the kids and bad for us.”

When they brought the teenager home from Alabama, he was violent and a danger to Murs’ wife and toddler. He was also manipulative and claimed that he was being abused.

“To get a child, they make you jump through all these hoops,” Murs adds, “but he was able to file false claims of neglect and abuse against me and my wife at the drop of a hat. All he had to do was pick up the phone, and nothing was substantiated. We definitely were able to clear it up once we went to court and they came to the house and also saw the damage he did to my property, and they quickly changed their tune.”

Murs says that he is always there for the teenager, but knows that the young man needs more help than the rapper is able to give him at this time. The process has also caused a lot of strain on his marriage, especially because he can’t be home to attend counseling or the court proceedings. He says that he and his wife are working through it.

“As a man, I love everyone and I’m trying to work it out in this world,” he says. “I’m here to discuss or support any positive change that’s gonna make a greater impact on the world.”

The Strange Music rapper also adopted a baby who is now a toddler. The couple was originally looking to adopt a teenager when they adopted the newborn, and were given 48 hours to let the agency know whether or not they would want to adopt him.

“I feel we were blessed in the fact that my wife’s natural maternal instincts kicked in,” he says. “She was able to deal with the toddler with patience I didn’t have the first two years.”

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