Eminem made music history when he rapped 1,560 words in “Rap God,” which clocks in at six minutes and four seconds. Guinness World Records recognized this for most words in a hit single.

UKF reports that this record has been broken by UK rapper Harry Shotta. His song “Animal” features 1,771 words in six minutes and nine seconds.

“I wanted it to be the exact length of ‘Rap God,'” Shotta says, “and, just for a personal challenge, I wanted to see if I could get anywhere close to his word count.”

The emcee says he is not trying to start beef with Eminem.

“This is purely about pushing our art and having some fun,” he says. “A lot of our fans have been tweeting him… It’s gone mental this week so I’m sure someone in his camp will know. I hope he likes the track and appreciates what we’ve done. It’s all about the art of emceeing and pushing it to the next level.”

The record has not been recognized by Guinness yet.

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