Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest scheduled a June 15 release date for his Planet Of The Gods album, according to a press release.

The project is slated to include the “Alien Stars” single.

There are no features on the record.

Jordan River Banks, Black Marvel and Ciph Parker produced the project.

Killah Priest pressed his last album, The Psychic World of Walter Reed, in 2013.

Planet Of The Gods is available for pre-order at Big Cartel for $19.99.

The Planet Of The Gods cover art and tracklist are as follows:

killah priest
1. “Intro”
2. “Citrin” (Prod. Black Marvel & Jordan River Banks)
3. “Gods of E.din” (Prod. Ciph Barker)
4. “Golden Pineapple of the Sun” (Prod. Jordan River Banks)
5. “Starship Planet (Shi’ur Qomah)” (Prod. Ciph Barker)
6. “Creation of a Super God” (Prod. Black Marvel)
7. “The Vast Bottomless Sleep (Cosmos)” (Prod. Jordan River Banks)
8. “PWOWR Glove” (Prod. Ciph Barker)
9. “L.Gigi (People of the Land of Nod)”(Prod. Jordan River Banks & Kombo for Ma’at Tabla)
10. “Earth to Walter Reed, Come In Please” (Prod. Jordan River Banks)
11. “Mul.Apin Tablets” (Prod. Ciph Barker)
12. “Centrality of Our Mythic Imagination” (Prod. Jordan River Banks)
13. “Rogue Godz” (Prod. Black Marvel)
14. “Color of Ideas” (Prod. Jordan River Banks)
15. “Quantum Spirit of Creation” (Prod. Jordan River Banks)
16. “Alien Stars” (Prod. Ciph Barker)
17. “I Destroyed You In Front Of Your Leaders” (Prod. Black Marvel)
18. “Body of Light” (Prod. Jordan River Banks)
19. “Gallery of the Gods” (Prod. Black Marvel)
20. “Walt’s Day Out” (Prod. Jordan River Banks) ****Bonus Track