Rich Homie Quan’s latest song, “I Made It Questionable,” includes lyrics that suggest rape.

In a braggadocious manner, Rich Homie raps, “Don’t want your ho, just want that cookie from her / She tried to resist, so I took it from her / How you gonna tell me no / You must not know who I am.”

At press time, Rich Homie has not been involved in any rape cases that have been publicized.

In 2013, Rick Ross lost a lucrative Reebok sponsorship for a lyric on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.” that alluded to the rapper slipping MDMA in a female’s drink before engaging in sexual acts with her.

Listen to Rich Homie’s “I Made It Questionable” below:

(May 13, 2015) 

UPDATE: Rich Homie Quan has released a statement regarding his recent rape lyrics.

“To be clear, I would never condone rape,” he writes.

‘I Made It’ was never intended to be released. The song was not lyrically what I wanted to say and was not completed. Without my knowledge, there was a studio leak of the recording. I apologize that it’s out; and I have asked my lawyer to pursue a cease and desist on the song immediately.”


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