While Lil Wayne’s lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money has garnered much of the media’s attention, Turk is also bringing his own, and, relatively at least, paltry lawsuit against the label for similar reasons.

Speaking with The Breakfast Club yesterday, Turk opened up about his own experience as a recording artist for Cash Money years ago, Baby getting in the way of a possible Hot Boys reunion, and his thoughts on Young Thug’s Lil Wayne fascination.

On his own and Lil Wayne’s ongoing rift with Baby, Turk said, “We was more hurt, than anything, as far as the situation with Baby.” “He kind of raised us, man, and to go through what we went through, and not get what we supposed to have, it just was like, ‘Damn,’” he added.

While he admits he was paid during his time on the label, Turk maintains that he never got what he was due.

“We got cars, we got houses, Rolexes; you know, material things,” he said. “But what I know now, I’m supposed to still be getting checks. I’m on platinum albums, I never got a publishing, I never got an artist royalties, I never got none of that…To be a part of them, kind of opened up doors for me, and I appreciate Baby and Slim for that but the fact still remains, you owe me.”

As for what got in the way of Lil Wayne and Turk reuniting in recent years, Turk pinned the blame again on Baby.

“It was like somebody was stopping us from coming together,” he said. “It was something. It was Baby. I just feel like Baby stopped a lot of us. It’s just like if this is your boss [and] your boss don’t mess with him, so you don’t wanna mess it up with your boss.”

Breaking down his thoughts on the label’s newest star, Turk explained what he thinks of Young Thug taking stylistic cues from Lil Wayne.

“I like Young Thug’s music,” Turk said. “I think Young Thug wanna be Wayne whether directly or indirectly. He said it… I believe he looks up to Wayne.”

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