Tyler, The Creator spoke with journalist Andrew Nosnitsky in an article published on Golf Wang to discuss everything from the McLaren he wants to buy to his new music.

During the conversation, the Odd Future founding father, who launched his Golf Media app today (April 8), explains what is wrong with music today.

“It doesn’t really give you much feeling,” he says.

He describes how he has a unique way of mixing his music that distorts the bass and makes his lyrics secondary to the overall sound of the song.

“Fuck what I’m saying,” the rapper says. “I’m not no fucking deep intricate poet. It’s the whole vibe, it’s the whole world of that song.”

He also expresses frustration over the amount of fake people he sees in the music industry. He says he is cool with ScHoolboy Q, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Andre 3000, but not many others.

“My immediate friends don’t make music,” he says. “The people I am tight with who make music are kids who play guitar and shit like that. I’m not at these niggas little parties taking pictures like ‘Aye I’m here with my bro @soandso.’ We do our shit. I skate down the streets still. I’m excited to finish the album so I can get Mario Party 10. I enjoy the cookies at the studio. It’s easy to live in a world with these dudes because I don’t even associate with them.”

Odd Future‘s landmark store on Fairfax in Los Angeles closed its doors at the beginning of the year. Tyler says he is sad the boutique closed its doors especially because it was so much more than a store for the local kids.

“That was home base,” he says. “But some weird shit happened with the guy leasing it for us. I miss that spot. We’d be on that block all day. That shit being closed kills me. We can go open up another store but that was just a safe zone. I’m safe on that block. I met a lot of friends [on Fairfax]. Travis, Thebe. Me and Jasper would go over there. There’s a whole legion of younger kids like 15 or 16 that would hang around there so we like their big homies or whatever. That was a hangout spot for them and it was good because it would kind of keep them out of trouble.”

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