After Method Man, seemingly unbeknown to the entirety of the situation, made some noise regarding the 88-year commercial release clause of Wu-Tang Clan’s The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin early last month, Ghostface Killah recently spoke with CBC Music to offer his take on the whole proposition.

“I mean, it could be good and it could be bad,” Ghost says. “My first thing was like, ‘No, give it to the people. What are you going to hold it for?’ Then I look at it, like 88 years, most of us is going to be gone by that time, but you know, I don’t know how the state will be in music at that time, but if it is going all right, maybe people, it might give Wu-Tang [Clan] another burst in 80 years.”

Continuing, Ghost says he’s “stuck in the middle” regarding the 88-year release clause idea.

“I guess we’ll be here forever. Wu-Tang really will be forever if it’s like that. I couldn’t understand it at first, neither, and sometimes I still don’t understand, and sometimes I do. I’m stuck in the middle.”

Later in the conversation, Ghostface Killah spoke on the sound of the album, before noting that everything he’s rhymed over so far, he’s “murdered.”

“I’ve only really heard the parts that I’m on,” he says. “Musically, it was all right. It’s like this, what I heard, I’m not saying it’s like the first Wu-Tang album, but as far as the beats that were circulating around at that time, it’s like that. The ones I rhymed on. And it was decent. It was real nice. I murdered everything I was on, you know what I mean?”

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