Plies was body slammed and thrown off stage at a recent show in Tallahassee, Florida. Now the man who did the deed is speaking out actually calling himself a fan of the Florida-based rapper.

“I fuck with you bruh, that nigga is one of my top five artists,” he said in an Instagram video. “That nigga started talking that bullshit. So I dropped his ass like any real nigga would do like ‘Bitch, fuck you bruh.’”

In the now infamous clip the man approaches Plies on stage and gets very close to him before grabbing him and throwing him off. Security then stormed in to attempt to break it up but multiple other fights broke out in the process. Plies would return to the stage to finish out his set. The culprit of the take down suffered minor injuries as evidenced in the videos of his explanation.

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Watch the videos below: