Earlier this week, Brooklyn, New York rapper Talib Kweli used his Tumblr account to share an update on the status of Mumia-Abu Jamal. The 60-year-old activist has been in prison since 1982, the year he was convicted of murder.

“Peace – I wanted to share the following statement that was released today by The campaign to Bring Mumia Home,” Talib Kweli wrote before sharing the statement.

In the statement, it’s revealed that Mumia was recently hospitalized and “has been sick for months.”

“Heidi Elizabeth Boghosian and I travelled to Frackville, PA to visit Mumia today because we knew that he was not well,” the statement reads. “When we arrived we were told that he was hospitalized. We did a little reconnaissance and were able to get into the unit where he is being held, but were not let in to see him to see him. We were within 10 feet, spoke to his nurses, and delivered a note saying that we are here. Unclear that he will get it. Four uniformed guards are outside his room. Mumia has been sick for months. He landed in the hospital because he did not get the proper care. We were just asked to vacate the building. It’s time to mobilize to defend Mumia’s life.”

The statement then calls for supporters of Mumia to take action in defending his life by calling the medical center and the superintendent at SCI Mahanoy.

The full statement from The Campaign To Bring Mumia Home can be found on Talib Kweli’s Tumblr page.

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