It didn’t take long for Suge Knight to get back in the groove. Of course his first course of action was to hit up all the media spots such as CNN and MTV. While on MTV the CEO sat down with Chris Connelly and discussed various Suge Knight/ Death Row topics. One of the most interesting was a proposed name change or rather creation of a new label.

Following the steps of the Puffy marketing name change maneuver Suge Knight Stated:

“As far as Death Row Records, it’s always going to be Death Row, because I own my catalog [and] my masters. You’ve got those classics from All Eyez on Me to Makaveli to The Chronic to Doggystyle. It’s always going to be Death Row because of the catalog. The catalog is what you call the past, and the past is the past. Now it’s Tha Row. I feel like Death Row Records was great, it was fun. With Tha Row, it’s still the same logo, but it’s Tha Row. I’m proud of the new acts. I’m proud of the future. It’s time for changes.”

Up coming releases from Tha Row include J. Valentine and Crooked I.