Just a week after the 18-year anniversary of his passing, plans for a mural of The Notorious B.I.G. to be put up on the side of the Key Food market where he once worked are in place.

According to DNA Info, street artist Danielle Mastrion has been commissioned to do the painting by the owners of Key Food market. It’s set to be located on the sidewall of the apartments above the grocery store.

Speaking with the publication, Mastrion revealed that the focus will be on Biggie as a youngster, prior to him becoming the iconic rapper the world knew.

“This is about his roots and not the rap icon that he became,” she said. “It will be of him as a child sitting on the steps of his brownstone, like any other kid in the neighborhood.”

Mastrion is also known for her work on the Beastie Boys mural on the Manhattan corner of Rivington and Ludlow.

The Key Food market has been chosen as that’s where Biggie used to bag groceries as a young boy.

“Biggie was like all the other neighborhood kids — hanging around in the summer, asking if he could bag groceries for tips,” owner Rocky Widdi said. “That’s what the kids around here used to do.”

The mural is being organized by Leroy McCarthy, the same individual who is currently petitioning to have the intersection of St. James Place and Fulton Street co-named Christopher Wallace Way.

Speaking on the mural, McCarthy said: “This is where he’s from. Growing up everything he did and everyone he knew was in this five to seven block radius — this mural will honor that history and help keep it alive.”

The mural is expected to take three days to complete and is set to be finished later this month.

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