The creator of Formspring is Ade Olonoh, and he spoke with about the rapid rise of the ask-a-question social media network, and its branched off originator Formstack.

“We ended up re-branding and calling just Formspring and then the original Formspring Formstack.” “Hence, the confusion,” Olonoh iterated. “One was a social network that was growing quickly and didn’t have a clearly defined business model.” “The other was a well-established business that was selling a subscription service to business customers. So they were two different mindsets with teams needed, and both were at a stage where I couldn’t split my time between them.”

He also spoke on the blatant lack of diversity in the startup arena.

“[It is] disheartening when you look at the broader demographics of the country—and even computer science graduates,” Olonoh claimed. “It’s hard not to notice sometimes. Some of the data that’s been released by the companies certainly support that there’s an issue.” The story continued, “I don’t know that I present any answers—I don’t have that background and expertise to say ‘Here’s how you solve that problem,’ but I think it’s a good step that we’re talking about it, the companies are releasing that data, and hopefully that’s the first step toward trying to solve that problem.”

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