DJ Premier has announced a string of six shows later this week in Japan that will debut his new five-piece band replaying some of his classic productions.

Helmed by the producer himself on the turntables, the band features Lenny “The Ox” Reece on drums, Brady Watt on bass, and Takuya Kuroda and Corey King on horns and keys.

“I put a live band together because I’ve always dreamed of being in one ever since I was a kid,” DJ Premier told XXL. “I have a funky group of players assembled to play my classics and perform new things.”

Referring to the experiment as “a new adventure into expanding my brand,” Preem explained the quick chemistry of the group.

“I can play a little drums, bass and guitar but not like these guys, so I will stay on the wheels,” he said. “In a short four-days of meeting and rehearsing we clicked as if we knew each other for years. This is a new adventure into expanding my brand. I will always DJ, produce and be an artist because that’s what artist’s do. We open new lanes, but never close the lanes that we already opened. Keeping the roots of your foundation in tact is what gives you longevity. Basically what I’m saying is: Let’s Ride!!”

The six shows will be spread out over three days on January 28, 30, and 31 in Tokyo and Osaka.

After the closing of his historic D&D Studios in Manhattan earlier this month, DJ Premier also recently announced plans to release his solo debut later this year.

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