New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has earned a few notable Hip Hop supporters after delivering the annual State of the State address yesterday (January 21) in Albany, NY.

The Albany Times Union reports that Jay Z supports Governor Cuomo and the rapper allegedly believes the new initiatives that were unveiled during the “2015 Opportunity Agenda” are “a huge step forward in restoring fairness.”

“The criminal justice reform package proposed by Governor Cuomo today is a huge step forward in restoring fairness, protection, sensitivity and accountability for all under our justice system,” Jay Z says. “I commend Governor Cuomo for his bold leadership in taking this issue head on at this critical time. This package presents comprehensive steps to protect and improve relations amongst all citizens. We cannot be divided, as every single human being matters. Together, we can move forward as a community, with mutual respect for each other and continue to make this great state stronger than ever before.”

The publication, which serves New York’s capital region of Albany, Schenectady and Troy, published the statement yesterday among other reactions from local Congress.

During his address, Governor Cuomo introduced a reform package for law enforcement that includes the employment of more minorities into the police force, providing more equipment for officers including body cameras and bulletproof glass for police cars.

In December, Jay Z and Russell Simmons met with Governor Cuomo to discuss the issue of police brutality.

Simmons took to Twitter to praising the Governor’s criminal justice reform, as well.

“I know @NYGovCuomo has always been a champion for criminal justice reform,” he wrote. “His new proposal is great progress towards a more just society.”

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