Many boxing fans are salivating at the idea of a super-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After years of discourse surrounding the boxing champs, Pacquiao and his promotor, Bob Arum, announced last week that they have agreed to all stipulations regarding the fight and they are currently waiting for Floyd to sign the contract.

A former member of the “Money Team” doesn’t believe the monumental bout will ever occur.

“That’s not going to happen,” 50 Cent told Techno Buffalo. “You heard me say it on film. It’s not going to happen.”

50 believes that Floyd is in a favorable position and can practically choose to fight anyone he wants. Reports have surfaced online stating that Mayweather may not fight Pacquiao. The undefeated champion may select a rematch with Miguel Cotto instead.

“What you wanna fight Pac-Man for under those circumstances when you can pick anybody you want to?” 50 asks within the clip. “Cause we wanna see the toughest fight?”

Although the G-Unit frontman has had several spats with Mayweather in the past, he kept his commentary on the champ cordial.

“It don’t happen if it don’t have to,” he said. “Later when they look at his actual record and look at what he’s done, they’re still gonna have to say, ‘Who do you think could have beat him if it would have happened this way?’”

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