Although the Game and 50 Cent seem to have settled their differences (at least in the public’s view), that hasn’t stopped one radio DJ for suing the both of them. After allegedly being involved in an altercation at the hip-hop station 93.9 WKYS in Washington, DC, Kwasi Jones also known as Zulu the big lip bandit the alleged victim, is suing the Game, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre for $280 million in a civil suit.

The Game and his entourage allegedly attacked Jones and a station DJ Richard Dunkerson after a comment was made about an earpiece the Game’s manager had. Charges were filed in February against the Game for assault and battery. Stephanie Moran and Gregory Watson, lawyers for Jones claim their client suffered emotional distress from the incident and negligence while Game allegedly bragged about the incident on the remix to “Hate It Or Love It”.

As our lawsuit points out, it’s based on the fact that a lot of these record labels and rappers pride themselves on careers based on street credibility,” Jones’ lawyer Stephanie Moran told MTV. “Their records sell more when they do something in the public eye that gives street credibility to their image. Clearly, putting lyrics in the song regarding this incident helped sell records. Artists should not be able to profit from alleged incidents where people are physically harmed.” As for the victim, he hasn’t been on the radio since the altercation.