A number of details about the upcoming biopic on Tupac Shakur were revealed during movie news site Collider’s interview with Randall Emmett, one of the producers of the film. During his interview, Emmett confirmed that filming for the biopic is slated to begin in June.

The producer, who has also played a role in the film End Of Watch and the television show “Power,” revealed that the biopic has been granted the rights to use music from Tupac in the film due to Morgan Creek Production’s deal with the estate of the late rapper.

“That project is being put together for a June start date,” Randall Emmett said in a video posted on Complex.com. “And we’re still with Morgan Creek. And we’re financing with them. Open Road is our U.S. distributor still for domestic. And the script is great. And we’re ready to make the movie. And we’re just figuring out—just prepping the logistics…Morgan Creek bought the rights to the music and we share 50 percent of the rights with Morgan Creek. So, Morgan Creek acquired all the music rights from the estate when they partnered with Tupac’s mother.”

In regards to what fans can expect from the film, Emmett says Tupac’s early years will be represented as well as the pivotal years of his music career. He added that the West Coast versus East Coast rivalry may also be touched on in the biopic.

“I think that our story like a lot of biopics especially in the Hip Hop space will start at the beginning of his life,” he said. “Kinda set up his beginnings and the people around him. And then go into kind of the key years leading up to the pinnacle of his success. Those three or four key years of his rise.”

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