Curren$y has built quite a discography since starting his career in the 2000s. XXL magazine took some of his lyrics and made a compilation of “Life Lessons.”

“It’s not a stretch to say that Curren$y is one of the greatest life coaches of the 21st century,” the website says, “doing more for the people on wax than Mother Teresa could ever fathom.”

For guidance in fitness, the website chose a line from “Super High Remix” that cites former Boston Celtics stars.

“I’m the action on the court / You the gum stuck to the bleachers / I think I’m Paul Pierce, I think I’m Rondo / High off that Headband, you dyin’ off that Hydro”

The explanation for the line says that there is no need to buy expensive gimmicks to be healthy. Curren$y’s key to fitness is pretty simple.

“Mostly Curren$y stays in shape by chasing after paper like it stole something of his,” the website says.

For food advice, XXL points out a line from “Food 4 Thought.”

“Come on take a bite / Of this food for thought / Let it ease your mind / Let it take control.”

XXL suggests that Curren$y doesn’t count calories, but knows how to have a balanced diet.

“He understands that life should be enjoyed,” it says, “and one must treat themselves during periods of hard work.”

The article also gives dating wisdom using a lyric from “Leaving the Dock.”

“Fools hear our verses and rewrite that shit they scribblin’ / Bitches see my bitches and consider tryin’ women.”

Curren$y doesn’t worry about impressing women, according to the magazine, so there is no need for others to stress.

“Sometimes it’s just as simple as her not wanting a man,” it says. “Curren$y is too wrapped up in hustling to chase after women, and as a result they chase after him.”

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