David Banner relayed a message to parents during a Christmas Eve radio interview with The Russ Parr Morning Show.

“Our kids are a reflection of what we did or did not teach them,” David Banner says in the interview. “I think in a lot of cases, our parents chased the American Dream so hard that they ran off and left our kids. They left the kids in front of the television. They ran off and let the oppressor teach our children. ”

The Mississippi rapper mentioned the police-related death of New York City resident Eric Garner as an example of society not doing enough to protect the youth.

“Even what happened to Eric Garner, bruh,” Banner says. “You don’t see it on the camera is how many Black people were standing around allowing that happen. If we want our children to change, we have to go them a good example. How can we expect these rappers to change they music if I’m not?”

Banner dropped his “Evil Knevil” single in October.

“They gave us Obama, right?” Banner raps on the song. “Like that was going to stop the fight. ”

The song came about when Banner was prompted by young Internet commenters.

“What happened when was a kid on the Internet said, ‘David Banner, we saw on all the stuff you did for the world cup and stuff, but we need you,'” Banner says in the interview. “The elders in Rap went off and did movies and tours and paintings, but we left the kids with no elders. So I’m like, ‘Bruh, I gotta come back,’ especially because I can afford to say what I want to say.”

David Banner discussed his dedication to the craft of acting.

“I’ve been in actin school for over 10 years.,” Banner says. “People don’t know this. I started flying from Atlanta to LA every week to go to acting school. “

His upcoming The God Box projects sheds light on social issues.

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