Sitting down for an interview with VladTV, KXNG Crooked spoke about his reaction to both his label-mate Yelawolf and Kanye West separately associating themselves with imagery of the Confederate flag and specifically about Yelawolf’s Shady Cypher verse that references the “Dixie flag” explicitly.

When asked if he is close with his fellow Shady Records artist, Crooked said, “I don’t barely know Yelawolf.”

“I’ve met a few times and things like that but I don’t—you say close, I’m not,” he added.

After touching on Yelawolf’s beef with Lord Jamar late last year, the Slaughterhouse emcee addressed his own opposition to the Alabama rapper’s promoting the Confederate flag.

“I liked his approach on that verse,” Crooked said of Yelawolf’s Shady Cypher performance. “That’s the whole thing. He has to speak from his perspective. Me, I don’t care for the Confederate flag whether it’s Yelawolf or it’s Kanye. Whether it’s Kanye West or Yelawolf, I don’t care for that flag. I don’t think that that flag is anything that needs to be promoted in Hip Hop. I don’t. But that’s my personal opinion. I’m entitled to my opinion. Does that mean that I’m not a fan of Kanye’s and Yelawolf? No, that doesn’t mean that because I think Kanye is genius. His recent interview with Sway I didn’t like. He might have lost a fan there but I’m just saying. I didn’t like that. I didn’t like that because I think you should look a man in his eye if you got a problem with him. I didn’t see that.”

Explaining his distaste for the flag specifically, Crooked alluded that his political rift with the rapper doesn’t stop him from appreciating his music.

“Oppression, and the same mentality that got Eric Garner choked to death. So I don’t fuck with that. I’m listening to ‘Pop The Trunk’ on Shady XV the other day and I’m like, ‘This is a masterpiece. This fucking song is a masterpiece.’ I don’t even agree with my own mother on everything so of course I’m not gon’ agree with just anybody. Politically correctness goes out the window with me dog, straight up.”

Similarly, Crooked admitted that he’ll continue to buy Kanye’s albums despite his opposition to some of his previous stunts.

“Can I say that Kanye West is not a genius? No,” he said. “I can’t say that. He’s a creative genius. I buy his products. He puts out albums I buy’em. Confederate Flag? No. Confederate Flag, Yelawolf, labelmate, I’m not gon’ sit here and fucking put sugar on shit. I’ma keep it real. I don’t fuck with that. It is what it is. I don’t fuck with that.”

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