There are only a few days left to get your taxes in. This year Russell Simmons wants to help everyone get their taxes in order. Russell Simmons has joined forces with TurboTax to create Rock Your Refund.

According to MTV, Rock Your Refund is a website that was started to help the young American generation correctly file and understand how to do their state and federal taxes. The Rock Your Refund website also helps people get the biggest refund possible.

“The last leg of the civil-rights movement is economic empowerment … not just for African-Americans, but for all young American”, Simmons told MTV. For information in how to file your taxes or any tips you may need visit There is a cost of $5.95.



In other Simmons news, you will soon be able to catch Rev. Run on his own reality family series later this year. P. Diddy is producing the reality series for MTV as a part of his new television deal. Russell Simmons will also have a hand in producing the show.