While most were opening presents and spending time with their family on Christmas Day, New York rapper Bobby Shmurda was locked up at Rikers Island and presumably doing neither of the aforementioned.

Shmurda is awaiting trial after being arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder, assault in the first degree, possession of weapons, intent to sell and possession of narcotics, criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree on two counts. He faces up to 25 years on the conspiracy charges and up to 15 years on each of the weapons charges. It was originally reported that Epic Records, Bobby’s label, would pay the rapper’s $2 million bail, yet he still imprisoned after 10 days.

Howard Greenberg, Shmurda’s attorney, says he unsuccessfully attempted to visit Shmurda on Christmas Eve and that the government hates rappers.

“The government hates rap and the government hates rappers,” Greenberg told The FADER. “They construct a narrative and add rationalizations to make it seem true. They recruit guiltless and loveless people to whom truth is meaningless and convince them to say what they want to say. These people are jealous of a brother on the way up.”

According to the prosecution, Bobby Shmurda’s lyrics will not be used against him at trial.

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