After being turned down several times for his request for a new trial, C- Murder has decided to sue the state of Louisiana. Petition the court after he feels his civil and constitutional rights were violated, C Murder (also known as Corey Miller) representatives held a press conference this week to announce the federal lawsuit. Ernest Johnson, the local president of the NAACP, has said he has been denied any contact to speak or visit C-Murder.

In a statement to the media, C-Murder’s lawyer Ron Rakosky said, “The fact of the matter is Corey Miller was tried, found guilty and sentenced based on the testimony of witnesses who admittedly perjured themselves. There is no physical evidence in this case. We requested a new trial. A judge reviewed the case finding countless legal errors, and in the interest of justice, she ordered a new trial, ultimately overturning his conviction. Even though this judge acted properly, the Appellate Court is still denying Miller a new trial, which has never been done before in the history of Louisiana law.”

Convicted of second-degree murder, C-Murder wishes to have “a fair” trial where the truth can really come out. “I am not asking for any special treatment or favors,” C-Murder said in a statement. “I just want what is due to me, a fair and impartial trial. I am not a murder.